Montréal 2020

Constance V. Pathy



It is with great enthusiasm and pride that I announce the 2019 edition of the McGill International String Quartet Academy (MISQA).

In 2010, as per our mission, we set out “to promote the great tradition of string quartet playing by inviting the most significant practitioners of the discipline to share their experience and to mentor some of the world’s most promising young quartets”.

A decade later, remaining true to our core ideals, MISQA has welcomed 75 quartets (guest artists, senior & junior quartets) and 50 professors; we are proud to have encouraged and supported the development of so many young musicians in search of an ideal of highest performance practice and artistic integrity.

In accordance with McGill University’s standards of excellence, we are gratified that MISQA has become a veritable incubator of the next generation’s outstanding string quartets. The sense of fellowship that has developed among all participants at MISQA, including the audience, is truly astonishing and speaks to the transformative power of the arts.

Arts and education are powerful tools that make effective and meaningful contributions to the well-being of communities; they are the very core of the mission of MISQA.

André J. Roy

General and Artistic Director


It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the 2019 edition of MISQA. As we reflect on the last 10 years, we are thankful to all those who have made this academy such a success:

To all the musicians, who have provided us with unforgettable musical moments. Your enthusiasm, dedication and devotion to carry on the great tradition of string quartet has moved and inspired us.

To the professors, for their limitless force of inspiration, support and guidance. Your unconditional commitment to teaching has been the true motor of this academy.

To the public, for their crucial presence at our concerts; without you, these young artists could not grow and develop to their full potential.

To McGill University and the Schulich School of Music, for their much-needed help and support.

To Madame Constance Pathy, for her continuous, outstanding generosity; for providing such artistic resources to these gifted artists and giving them a unique occasion to be inspired in their pursuit of artistic excellence. Thank you for making everything possible, as always.

MISQA is proud to play a vital role in developing generations of new musical leaders.

Suzanne Fortier

Principal and Vice-Chancellor

McGill University

This is particularly special year for the McGill International String Quartet Academy as it marks their 10th anniversary!

MISQA brings together renowned professors and talented young quartets from around the globe for an enlightening musical journey.

We are proud to have welcomed over the last decade some of the world’s best string quartets to perform on McGill’s stages and share their gift with audiences of all ages.

As for many music lovers, the Schulich School of Music has always been a particularly special place for me on campus. I know that I can count on the string quartets to brighten my day.

I hope that on this milestone year, both MISQA veterans and newcomers alike will join us in encouraging our young quartets and enjoying their magical melodies!

Brenda Ravenscroft


Schulich School of Music of McGill University

It is a pleasure to once again welcome the McGill International String Quartet Academy (MISQA) to the Schulich School of Music of McGill University. This 2019 edition marks the beginning of a second decade for the Academy — a landmark occasion worthy of special celebration. I know that this year’s program will not disappoint. I look forward not only to experiencing superb chamber music in concerts and master classes but also to meeting the musicians who play and the audience members who applaud.

Thanks to our patron, Mme Constance Pathy, we are able to host some of the finest coaches, quartets, and string students from around the world.

In addition to the outstanding performances shared with the Montreal community, MISQA is an exceptional place for learning, mentorship, and collaboration. By bringing together leading international professionals with student quartets, we hope all are encouraged and inspired in their ongoing pursuit of artistic excellence.

Happy 10th Anniversary! to the Academy and Welcome! to all of our visitors. May your time at the Schulich School of Music be as rewarding for you as your presence is to us.